About payment method

You can use the following credit cards and online payment.
Acceptable credit cards: AMEX, JCB, Mastercard, VISA
Accepted online payments: Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay

about shipping cost

Please check our shipping policy page .

About shipping products

●Product Shipping ・Monday to Friday: Orders placed before 8:00 am…Shipped the next day ・Orders placed on Fridays after 8:00 am ・Saturday and Sunday orders…Shipped sequentially from Monday ・Orders placed on holidays…Shipped sequentially from the next business day *If there is a large number of orders, shipping may be delayed.

●We will contact you by email when preparations for shipment begin. (We are closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.)

●There are periods during which shipments cannot be performed, such as the year-end and New Year holidays and Golden Week. If you place an order around that time, the estimated delivery date may change.

●Inventory information is updated every day, but please be aware that we may notify you that an item is out of stock even if it is displayed as being in stock when you place your order.

●Although we have plenty of products available, we apologize in the unlikely event that they are sold out. In addition, there are limited items such as limited items. Please note.

About refunds and returns

Please check the refund policy page .

About receipts and statements of delivery

●Delivery note At our shop, we do not enclose the delivery note with the product due to personal information protection and consideration for the environment.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but we will replace the shipping email with the delivery note. (Implemented from 2017.04.03)
Thank you for your understanding.

●Receipt If the payment method is credit card, we will issue it.
If you wish, please fill in "receipt request" in the remarks column when ordering.
If you need separate receipts, please place separate orders.
In addition, since it will be a separate order, even if the delivery address is the same, shipping and payment fees will be incurred for each order.

About gift correspondence

If you wish, please order paid gift wrapping together with the product when ordering.
For wrapping multiple products, we will wrap the products together for each destination.
If you want to wrap separately, please place a separate order.
We will either remove the tag that shows the price, or erase the price part before delivering it. Please be assured that we will not enclose a statement of delivery that shows the product price.
Regarding the description on the slip, we do not write anything about the product name, and we write "Sankei Co., Ltd." as the sender's name and write it as "Mr. (full name) requested".
We do not write the product name of apparel products, underwear, etc., so the contents of the package will not be known to a third party at the time of delivery.
Please feel free to place your order.